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Increase Revenue

After bringing together your data, we’re able to get a 360° view of your site. From this, we determine which personas best convert. Then, leveraging these personas, you have the option to deliver custom style sheets, creating a truly personalized experience.

Return on Investment
Example Client Data (Fashion)

Average sessions per month: 375,000
Average Cart size: $3,145.21

Clients and Partners
How it Works

Step 1: 30 min. Set Up

Aggregate existing data and set up on-site data collection.

In a quick 30-minute meeting, we'll set everything up to get all your data in one place.

Add the TUP tag to your source code or to your GTM.

Add TUP to your Google Analytics.

5-10 min

20-25 min

Determine if and which site elements to A/B test.

Label your product page and cart elements.

Then, in 5-10 days, you'll start seeing patterns and getting insights.

Works on all platforms

Step 2: Identify Personas

Get a 360° view of your funnel from campaign to conversion.

Leverage your data to find your most converting personas – your target audience.

most converting persona
Frame 69
converting paths
Frame 71
campaign metrics

Step 3: Optimize

Personalize your site for each user, all the time, every time.

On the dashboard, you'll find insights to better refine your campaigns as well as automate and deploy real-time, personalized style sheets.

Quick and Easy Setup

You add the tag, we'll handle the code.


Add a snippet into the header of your source code or add our tag to your GTM.

Time required: ~10 minutes

Add your campaign data.


Connect us with your digital agency or send us your campaign data.

Time required: ~15 minutes

Watch your data in action.


Discover your top converting personas and understand what elements on your site and in your campaigns are working and which aren't.

Time required: As much as your curiosity allows

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