Legal Blogs as a Client Acquisition Strategy

Legal Blogs as a Client Acquisition Strategy

Clients want to know what their options are, how much it’s going to cost and how long it’s going to take us to resolve the issue – preferably- BEFORE talking to a lawyer. 

Consequently, Clients begin searching for these answers on-line. Most often, search engines direct Clients to legal blogs.

The legal blog: your key to on-line client acquisition. 

Legal blogs allow you to:

  1. Organically, attract potential clients to your website;
  2. Frame the conversation;
  3. Ethically deploy email campaigns. 

If you need help with email campaigns and lead generation, we can help. 

What does your blog need to include: 


To the extent that you can, for common yet specific scenarios, try and map out each available option along with the approximate cost. Then, give the big picture, explaining each step of the process. 

In terms of style, use headers wisely. This way your potential clients can quickly find the information they are looking for. 


It’s fair to say that we, unlike our clients, are used to how legal proceedings unravel. We are used to the legal jargon, court processes, wait times, precedents, etc. For our clients, however, the legal process is completely new to them and, oftentimes, consuming and frustrating. 

Establishing clear and concise communication guidelines from the onset and treating your clients as equal partners in the resolution of their legal issues will be both cost and time effective. 

A blog is a great place to establish expectations. Then, when they contact you, you can easily reference the blog from which they came and the expectations outlined. 


The best way to establish trust is to be reliable in both actions and information. 

The more reference information you have available to the clients, the more they will trust you. Your job is then to deliver on the strategies and knowledge you demonstrated. 


Blogs are a way to acquire new clients, set expectations, and develop trust. It’s a must-have for any legal website. 

Schedule a meeting to discuss your acquisition and blog strategies.

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