How to Book More Meetings: A Short Introductory Video

How to Book More Meetings: A Short Introductory Video

As you know, trust is what makes or breaks a deal. One of the best ways to establish this trust is to show who you are. 

Introduce yourself to potential clients before the first meeting. 

Here’s an example of a video meant to get potential clients to register for a webinar. 

Remember to smile, explain who you are and how you can help. 

An introductory video, specifically one that’s friendly, gives you three main advantages: 

  1. Potential clients can preview with whom they’ll be working. This removes the fear of the unknown and paves the road for a trust before ever having met you. 
  2. Efficacy. Those who do schedule a meeting are doing so with the intent of becoming a client. In essence, the introductory meeting is much less about introductions and much more about how you can be of service. 
  3. Engagement. The more time a potential client spends on your site, the more likely they are to schedule meetings. Therefore, a series of videos that link to informative resources, will better establish you as a trusted leader in the space. 

In terms of how you can go about doing this, it’s a small amount of web design (development) and probably 5-10 takes to get the video right. (Getting the video right is the hardest part.) 

Once you have the right video, we can help you with the web design and optimize your site. 

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