Use UTMs to retarget abandoned carts

Use UTMs to retarget abandoned carts

First, I’m assuming that you are sending out email campaigns and second I’m assuming you have Google Analytics (GA) installed. 

I’m also assuming that you’re familiar with Google Analytics, meaning you look at it from time to time and glean insights from the data provided. 

Ok. So, onto the tricks. 

Step 1: Embed the lead’s email address in your UTMs.

Most email marketing services/providers (mailchimp, sendgrid, etc.) have ways for you to input unique information into each email, such as the lead’s first name. 

Most of the time, the syntax of these dynamic fields go something like {{email}}, or *|email|*

In your UTM, in the medium section, input the lead’s email. 

An example:*|email|*

Note: the reason to use the medium field is GA4. In GA4 (the new version of GA), medium is easily found and referenced. 

Another note: make sure you test this out before sending out an entire campaign. 

Step 2: Send out an email campaign. 

The brilliance behind using the email address in the UTM is that you can track what pages were visited by each lead. 

Here’s how you gather the data: 

Go to:

Make sure you’re signed in and have selected the correct site. 

Specify which metrics you’d like to see. 

Click “Run Query’ to see the results. 

If you want the results in a CSV file, then download the .tsv file, and convert it to a csv here (if you don’t want to copy and paste from the table):

Step 3: Retarget

You can now create new email campaigns that are very targeted. For instance, maybe you send one campaign to everyone who looked at a specific product you’re willing to discount. Thus, you can retarget them AND give them more of an incentive to buy. 

This is time intensive, yes, but it’s well worth the few hours. 

If you’d like help with setting this up or finding an email sending service, contact us. We’ll happily get you going. 

By the way, this works especially well when combined with TUP’s persona identification

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