So, you installed Google Analytics, now what?

So, you installed Google Analytics, now what?

So, you installed the Google Analytics (GA) tag, waited a few days, then, looked at the dashboard, and asked, “How the $%@& am I supposed to know what all this means?”

You’re not alone. 

First, the GA dashboard isn’t intuitive. 

Second, it’s mostly descriptive: you learn what’s happening, where, when, and how. 

Honestly, most people just pop in from time to time to see their stats (traffic, conversions, sources) but never really take full advantage of the available data. 

And this is understandable; it takes some serious analysis to properly mine revenue-enhancing insights. 

So, this leaves you with three options: 

  1. Hire a good Data Scientist and get to it. 
  2. Hire a firm that will help you connect your data to increased revenue. 
  3. Continue as you have been, popping in from time to time.

To decide which road to take, you need to understand how your data is linked to revenue.

If you already know, fantastic. 

If not, here are three ways data can be linked to revenue: 

Persona identification

Understand exactly who your highest value customers are, where they come from, when, what aspects of your digital campaigns they respond to, which pages and styling they respond best to. 

Funnel optimization

With A/B and multivariate testing, personalize the user journey for each individual visitor that passes through your site. 

Campaign analysis

Understand which aspects of your digital campaigns are driving revenue. We analyze the images in your campaigns for objects, colors and complexity and the copy for parts of speech, word count, and semantics. We then compare each of these aspects to the correlated revenue to predict which aspects will bring in more revenue in the future for which audience. 

The best part is that this next step is just as easy to set up as was GA–install a tag on your site, and let us know what you’re willing to A/B test and you’re up and running. 

Explore the TUP dashboard

TUP Dashboard

The best part is that we only make money if you do. We ask for a percentage of the lift. It’s no risk to you.

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