The power of choice – how to boost end-user satisfaction

The power of choice – how to boost end-user satisfaction

When you give someone a choice, you’re offering respect and agency. 

And who doesn’t like to be respected and empowered?

The interesting thing about choice is that even if we don’t like the options given, we’re happier if we get to choose. 

In other words, choice is the spoonful of sugar for even the most bitter of options. 

So, how’s this related to UI on a SaaS platform? 

Easy. Give your end users options. 

Allow them to choose between interfaces. Both can have the same functionality, just arrange and style them differently (preferably in a way that is proven to increase performance). 

Here’s a demo to see how easy it is to give options.

Enterprise demo

When you present choices, end users feel respected and empowered as they choose their interfaces. 

Additionally, offering a choice has an unexpected and ancillary benefit: learning. 

When you present two choices to end users, they compare the two choices and begin to understand the UI in terms of functionality and performance. They better understand which button does what and how processes are executed. 

So, all in all, you not only engender respect and agency, but you also teach them how to better understand the UI. 

It doesn’t take much effort to get this started and the benefits are far reaching. 

Learn more. 

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