How to direct traffic to certain merchandise without offering a discount – Persona Identification

How to direct traffic to certain merchandise without offering a discount – Persona Identification

There are three steps to directing traffic that you’ll need to consider: 

  1. Define your personas – determine which of your visitors are most likely to buy this item. 
  2. Combine your understanding of the buyer persona as well as what attracts them to the product into digital ads. 
  3. Create campaign-specific landing pages. 

The best part is that once you have a system set up to understand and target your personas, the cost is in advertising and creating new landing pages, both of which have a high ROI. 

Persona Identification: 

A persona is a profile that connects behaviors to stimuli (for example, digital ads, webpages, time of day, location, etc.)

As you might have guessed, the value of each persona resides in its predictive power. 

When you know what copy, pages, styling, colors and objects influence a persona, you can direct their behaviors. 

So, how do you get this information about your visitors?

TUP’s Persona Identification. 

There’s no other competitor out there that gives you this level of granularity with which to influence your visitors’ behaviors. 

Persona dashboard

So, once you know how to influence your visitors’ behaviors, the next step is doing it.

Targeted Ads:

When you know the source, demographics, time of day, location, colors, copy and objects that drive traffic to certain merchandise, create the respective ads. 

This increases your ROAS considerably as you are putting money toward a funnel that you know works. 
Landing pages: 

Landing pages are the most important part of this funnel. You need to make sure that once visitors click on an ad, the next page seen extends and bolsters their interest. 

This means that you continue with the same colors, copy and objects that were in the ads and have a quick and easy way to either get to the respective product pages or have a way to check out right there. 

With these three components (personas, ads, and landing pages), you can create product specific funnels. 

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