The Magic of AI – Personalize your platform

The Magic of AI – Personalize your platform

Let’s think of end users in two groups: kids who believe in Santa and kids who don’t. 

The end users who believe in the software are those who believe if they behave, the software will give them what they want.

The end users who are hip to the software know that the software is a fixed system that they can manipulate to get what they want, and the better they manipulate the system, the better and more prolific the gifts. 

Unfortunately, only end users with high technical proficiency are hip to the software. 

The rest of us? We believe in Santa. 

Holiday cheer aside, believing in Santa is dangerous. It sets up unrealistic expectations which, when unmet, lead to resentments. 


That means we have a lot of end users who are disappointed and resentful. I’m sure you’ve experienced a few. 

The magic fix?

Ask them what they want and show them how to use it. 
Demo screen shot


AI–artificial intelligence. 

If we can ask Alexa or Siri can adapt to us, why can’t the software platforms we use everyday also adapt? 

Yes, I’m telling you that you can make your platform as adaptive as Siri and Alexa. 

The end user asks for what they want, and if it’s possible, they get it. Move this button there, make this bigger, add a link to that. Done. All automated, all delivered seamlessly without any effort on your part. 

Too good to be true? 

No. It’s a few lines of code added to your platform, a run through of the tasks the end users perform, and we’re all set to individualize each user’s experience based upon their recommendations and behaviors.

Still don’t believe? 

Schedule a demo. Experience the magic. 

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