Use your 2020 holiday data to make 2021 a great Holiday season

Use your 2020 holiday data to make 2021 a great Holiday season

The 2020 holiday season was all about online shopping, and it’s looking like this holiday season won’t be much different. It’s time to leverage your 2020 data.

With that in mind, we have real opportunities to mine. 

We’ll start with the characteristics of your buying personas. Then, we’ll move into landing page images and copy that best converted traffic, and finally into ROAS. 

CAVEAT: if you do not have the campaigns (with UTMs), landing pages, purchase, and Google Analytics data from 2020, we’re out of luck. 

OK. So, let’s get down to it. 

Who are your holiday shoppers–where do they live, what are their genders, what times of day do they shop, are they shopping for themselves, average cart size, are they recovering abandoned carts?
Holiday special example
Holiday special example

We can answer all of these questions when we combine your purchase data with Google Analytics’s data. 

And we’ll outline the top five personas. (The top five buyer personas normally account for 90%+ of the purchases.)

Then, we get into the real fun. What landing pages best drove traffic? If we compare landing pages, what styling differences did the pages that best drove traffic have that the others didn’t? 
Holiday special example

Once we’ve done this analysis, we can striate the results according to buyer persona. Let’s face it, each persona responds a bit differently. 

Then, we look at digital campaigns. Which ads best drive traffic? We compare copy, colors, and images by source, time of the day, and targeted audiences. 
Holiday special example
Holiday special example
Holiday special example

With all of this information, we then have a very good understanding of which funnels best worked for each buyer persona. 

And with that, we have the instructions for this year’s holiday season campaigns that will be sure to increase your ROAS. 

If you’ve read this far, you’re most likely interested and wondering how much this will cost and how much work this will take on your part. 

The answer: $2000 and you’ll need to grant TUP access to GA, and send us your purchase data, past campaigns, and past landing pages. Within 2 weeks, we’ll analyze the data provided and give you a readout.

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