You provide:

Campaign details

Targeted demographics
Campaign assets

We provide:

Campaign analysis

Object recognition
Color Palette
Frame detection
CTA size, color, and copy
NLP (tokenization, lemmatization, and sentiment analysis)

On-site data

Date and time
News sentiment
Cart info
On-site behaviors

The result:

Efficacy and Revenue

For each demographic, understand which campaign elements lead to conversion.

Questions and Answers

Can I request specific data and/or analytics?

By all means, yes. Our job is to provide you with the data you need to get the insights you want. So, we’ll provide you a list of the data we collect and see which you want and how.

Do you offer cross-client insights?

Yes, for sensitive data, you’ll need the permission of the client. For general, anonymized data, you’ll be provided an API.

How can we access the data?

Yes, There’s a section of the dashboard that allows you to specify the date range as well as which data you’d like to download.