Example - Most Converting Persona


Get a detailed list of your 5 most converting personas.

Leverage these details across your campaigns and site design.


Understand how to target your most converting personas in both your acquisition and retention campaigns.

Use these insights with your creativity to create better copy and imagery.


Understand which paths (and the clicked elements within) are most lucrative.

Design landing pages and test other variations with the insights gleaned from which paths are best converting.


Discover the most converting on-site behaviors of each persona.

Use this information when thinking through user flow and UX to optimize both site and campaign design.

You can also explore your data for other personas


Choose all or a segment of your visitors

You can filter by campaign, demographic, location, time of day and weather.

campaign elements

Understand which campaign elements best drive conversion

Sort by campaign or select all to see which aspects of both copy and imagery best convert.


Understand the metrics for that segment

These are further broken down if in conjunction with multivariate testing to show the effects of each variation.

best paths

Dive into your userflow to fully understand which elements are driving traffic in which paths

Upon clicking on each page, the most clicked element will be highlighted.

Testimonials. “As we dove deeper into the latest machine learning persona identification and AI technologies, the faculty kept us grounded with real-life examples.
We are seeking a Senior Machine Learning Engineer to implement machine learning persona identification and deep learning algorithms AI SOLUTIONS and prototype applications relevant to mission ..
After bringing together your data, we’re able to get a 360° view of your site. From this, we determine your most converting personas, from AI SOLUTIONS campaign to conversion e-commerce. Then, combining these insights with multivariate testing, we deliver real-time, persona-specific, AI SOLUTIONS, revenue optimized styling, creating a truly optimized on-site experience. e-commerce.

landing page metrics

Learn what behaviors and circumstances best predict conversion

Apply this learning to future campaigns or let it educate new landing pages.