Identify Your Most Converting Personas

Combine Your Site and Campaign Data into Immediately Actionable Insights

Testimonials. “As we dove deeper into the latest machine learning persona identification and AI technologies, the faculty kept us grounded with real-life examples.
We are seeking a Senior Machine Learning Engineer to implement machine learning persona identification and deep learning algorithms and prototype applications relevant to mission ..

Persona Identification
After you combine campaign, on-site, and conversion data, TUP determines the characteristics, behaviors, and preferences of your visitors. With this information, you can streamline campaigns (increase your ROAS), refine your brand and design, and create persona specific user flows.

The inputs:

Persona identification | cart icon

Cart and Checkout Behaviors

person icon | Persona identification

Visitor Demographics

scroll icon | Persona identification

On-Site Behaviors

click icon | Persona identification

Selected Elements

camera icon | Persona identification

Organic Social

campaigns icon | Persona identification

Acquisition Campaigns

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Retention Campaigns

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New or Returning Visitors

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On-Site Promos

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Location, Time of Day, and Weather


Track your visitors from campaigns to on-site behaviors to conversion.

Discover the correlations among digital campaigns, on-site behaviors, demographics, and circumstantial factors as they relate to bounce rate, cart size, units per transaction, conversion rate, UX element, user flow, and personas.

A detailed analysis of your top 5 converting personas and access to the TUP dashboard on which you can segment visitors by demographic, campaign, location, time of day, day of the week, weather, and date range.

Set up:

In a 30-minute meeting, we’ll walk you through installing the TUP tag onto your site and connecting your Google Analytics.


Within 1 week, you’ll start seeing patterns emerge on the dashboard. Assuming more than 20k users a month, after 4-6 weeks, we’ll set up a meeting to assess and evaluate the meaning and predictability of each significant pattern and persona.