Identify Your Most Converting Personas

Combine Your Site and Campaign Data into Immediately Actionable Insights

What are the benefits of data-defined personas?

The inputs:

cart icon

Cart and Checkout Behaviors

person icon

Visitor Demographics

scroll icon

On-Site Behaviors

click icon

Selected Elements

cta icon

Multivariate Testing of UX Elements

camera icon

Organic Social

campaigns icon

Acquisition Campaigns

@ icon

Retention Campaigns

cookies icon

New or Returning Visitors

promo icon

On-Site Promos

weather icon

Location, Time of Day, and Weather

The Process:

Connect campaign elements to conversions as well as A/B test any on-site CSS elements.

Discover the correlations among digital campaigns, on-site behaviors, demographics, and circumstantial factors as they relate to bounce rate, cart size, units per transaction, conversion rate, UX element, userflow, and personas.

A detailed analysis of your top 5 converting personas and access to a dashboard on which you can segment visitors by demographic, campaign, location, time of day, day of the week, weather, and date range.

The Set up-Process:

In a 30-minute meeting, we'll walk you through installing the TUP tag onto your site and connecting your Google Analytics.

The Results:

Within 1 week, you'll start seeing patterns emerge on the dashboard. Assuming more than 20k users a month, after 4-6 weeks, we'll set up a meeting to assess and evaluate the meaning and predictability of each significant pattern and persona.