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Buyer Persona

just blue guy no mark

Must have:

  • Task-based SaaS platform (the platform is made to help the end user complete specific tasks)
  • Platform is html-based.
  • Multiple user roles interact with one UI (For example, the nurse, receptionist, lab tech, and doctor all use the same UI to perform their assigned tasks).

Ideally have:

  • No standardized/scalable method of collecting and responding to user feedback
  • 20k+ daily users
  • $30+ million in annual revenue
  • Biggest complaint is UI.


The problem we’re solving:

One size does not fit all.
As you know, clients switch B2B SaaS platforms mostly due to UI issues. End user frustration with task-specific user flows, constant customer service needs, and non-intuitive UX contributes decreased performance, higher costs, low Net Promoter scores, and higher churn.

TUP Enterprise is the solution:

TUP enterprise integrates seamlessly with existing B2B SaaS platforms to deliver an individualized, efficient, satisfying, and stickier UI for each end-user.


TUP enterprise leverages both AI and user feedback to optimize the UI for each individual end-user.


  • Decreased Churn
  • More satisfied and more efficient end users
  • Decreased need for customer service
  • A standardized, scalable method to gather and respond to customer feedback


We’ve researched and can’t find any.The only pushback might be that they have a different UI for each role/persona who uses their platform. This is not the same as it’s not individualized or adaptive.


60-minute initial on-boarding meeting:
Add TUP code snippet to staging server and label all tasks to be optimized.

2-4 weeks of testing on staging server:
TUP does all coding and testing

Deploy on live/production server:
Onboard end users (video or step-by-step walk through)

2-4 weeks of live data capture:
UI variations begin.


Setup fee:
Asking $7,500. Can be negotiated down to $4,000.This covers all setup and testing.

Monthly fee per user:
Once live, the client pays between $0.80 and $1.50 per user per month. (Of course, try to negotiate a higher monthly fee.)

Money-Back Guarantee

Two months after going live, if we haven’t delivered a modal (popup) that displays UI changes generated from both our AI and user feedback that an end user can choose and use, then the client gets a full refund